CREA is the italian leading national research and experimentation public organization dedicated to the agrifood supply chains and supervised by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Food Policies.

It has scientific, organizational and administrative autonomy and the scientific activity covers agricultural crops, livestock, fishery, forestry, agro-industry, food science and socio-economics.

The goals of CREA are to deal with the great challenges of the twenty-first century related to food production sustainability, following the principles of the circular, bio-based economy through a multidisciplinary approach that includes innovation transfer.

The know-how of CREA ranges from genetics and physiology to mechanics and robotics; from innovative techniques for the management of sustainable productions, including practices to improve soil fertility and plant protection, to silviculture, under natural and cultivated ecosystems, and livestock farming; from agro-food industry processes to the nutritional properties of foods and dietary aspects.

Consumer protection and education as well as waste reduction are also a top priority activities. CREA employs over 2000 people, half of whom are researchers and technologists.

CREA owns several farms and experimental fields, allowing to carry out studies in the same conditions farmers operate under. This enable us to validate the results of the researches, verifying their feasibility and to ease dissemination to the final users.

CREA participates in LIFE-WINEgROVER with the research structure based in Arezzo (Tuscany), which develops research activities on cultivation and defense techniques, on the relationships between soil characteristics and the quality of grapes and wine with particular reference to the cultivation environments of central Italy.