WINEgROVER is presented by a consortium of 6 transnational partners from 3 different EU Member States:
DIBAF (UNITUS) (Department of Innovation in Biology, Agri-food and Forest systems) from Tuscia University is a research and multidisciplinary laboratory for the scientific and technological innovation of the following processes: exploitation, conservation and management of biological systems, food processing and security, human health and chemical processes for the environment, with special attention to environmental sustainability. Involved in Project management and in all the Actions.
SETEL (SETEL) is a SME operating in the field of integrated logistic support engineering providing a wide range of IT services, products and consultancy suitably integrated to ensure the best operational availability of both defense and civilian systems. SET will mainly be involved in the development and implementation of the prototypes of the terrestrial Rover in B.2 and B.3 and in B4.
WELLNESS TELECOM (WELLNESS) is a SME designing and building technology to add intelligence to infrastructures and with a broad experience in manufacturing smart solutions, ICT products and services such as: wireless sensors networks, secure telecommunications, software development andweb/mobile technologies application. One of the company business lines is IoT for the Agri-food sector. WT will be mainly involved in B2, B3, B4 and C1.
CREA (CREA) is a leading research organization dedicated to the agri-food supply chains and supervised by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Food Policies. Scientific activity covers agricultural crops, livestock, fishery, forestry, agro-industry, food science and socio-economics. CREA will be
involved in all the Actions.

SMART CITY CLUSTER (SCC) is an alliance of private companies, university and institutions that work together to make cities smarter, by being efficient, sustainable and comfortable. This is achieved through cooperation among these entities by means of rising business competitivity. SCC will beinvolved in dissemination and communication activities.
INOVA+ (INOVA+) is a leading Portuguese company in the field of the promotion and management of international innovation projects, training, research and technological development and transfer of results. INN will be mainy involved in replication and transferability activities.
LUISS (LUISS) is a private university providing undergraduate and post-graduate education in the field of finance, business, law and political science. The University is supported by the Italian Confederation of Industries (Confindustria). LUISS will be mainly involved in Action B4
(Replication and Transferabilty Plan).