SeTeL, Servizi Tecnici Logistici (SET) founded in 1973, is an Italian leader Company operating in the field of Integrated Logistics Support Engineering (ILS) providing a wide range of IT services, products and consultancy suitably integrated to ensure the best operational availability of both defence and civilian systems.

Its main mission is to provide services, consulting, applications and technologies to guarantee the highest level of operational availability (life cycle) of complex systems. In this scenario, in its 46 years of life, SET has carried out its activities on more than 120 Complex Systems, ranging from the Aeronautics, to Space, Naval, Railway, Information & Communication Technology, etc. sectors.

Initially, SET was born in the ILS, Technical Documentation (traditional and IETM) and Training (traditional, CBT and E-Learning) on technology systems for Defense field but since the 90s, SET has begun a process of reconversion/transfer of its skills from the Defence to the Civil sector. In this area the Company has developed profitable collaborations with partners such as Telespazio, Italian Railways, Ansaldo (STS and Breda), Hitachi, Poste Italiane, FAO, etc. SETEL’s role as a provider of high-value added services for innovative markets, has evolved in line with the technological development of these scenarios.

Over the years, SETEL has multiplied its skills, qualifying as a partner for large companies not only in design/development of ILS solutions but also as an authoritative interlocutor in areas such as:
1.development of R&D funded projects, Industrial Research, Training and Communication;
2.establishing, starting and managing industrial clusters of SMEs in highly qualified sectors, such as Aerospace and Aeronautical Maintenance.
3.Active participation in integrated initiatives and partnerships with Universities, Research Centres (e.g. CNR) and Enterprises.
4.Development of terrestrial drones for precision agricultural applications.