INOVA+ (INOVA) is a Portuguese leading company created in 1997 and established in Brussels since 2001, with a proven track record of services in innovation consultancy and project management, supporting Portuguese and European funded projects across multiple fields. INOVA+ delivers highly specialised services in the management of international projects to clients in public administration, research and private businesses.

Its main partners and clients include industry (large companies and SMEs), academia and other educational stakeholders (Universities, training providers, schools), technology transfer and innovation support bodies, industrial associations, science parks, incubators, research centres and

The involvement of INOVA+ in replication and transferability activities of this project will build upon its strong network in the target countries (focusing on Portugal) and the capacity to stimulate a strong interaction between key and well-defined stakeholders.

INOVA+ will also ensure the diffusion of the outcomes of the project as a key measure to achieve a significant impact. Through the participation in multiple previous EU-funded projects, INOVA+ has a large experience in stakeholder engagement, technology transfer, outreach activities and exploitation of research results.