The knowledge housed in Wellness TechGroup (WTG) results in a unique combination of software and hardware development expertise that allows us to confidently face the challenges that arise in our business areas. WTG is positioned as a specialist in large multi-vertical projects that cover the design, implementation and operation of end to end solutions in Communications and Cloud, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT) and massive data processing (BigData) for Predictive Analysis in different scenarios such as Clean, Efficient and Safe Cities or Connected Industry.

Our great commitment to innovation, managing more than 70 R&D&I projects since its creation and investing significant amounts, has led the company to successfully implement new developments that keep us at the forefront of technology. Enabling the creation of our own products that allows us greater flexibility in adapting to the needs of partners and customers that leads to very strong and lasting relationships.

The experience acquired and the vision of the future of WTG situate the group as a company that provides end-to-end solutions, with its own developments throughout the value chain, from basic sensing to platforms that assist in decision-making what creates the foundations to become a company that provides intelligent solutions based on artificial intelligence, capable of increasing the efficiency of managers in their daily work.

Our value proposition is based on being able to provide a single integrated architecture capable of solving the problems associated with the digitalization of the world we are in.

We are a reference in vertical and horizontal applications in strategic sectors for the economy and sustainability of the planet such as Agro, Energy, Waste, Water, Mobility, Security and Communications.
One of the company business lines is IoT end to end solutions for the Agri-food sector what motivate our
participation in WineGRover project.