Smart City Cluster (SCC) is a non-profit private business association resulting from the joint forces of ICT Business Associations, Andalucía Tech International Campus of Excellence and The Andalusian Association of Science and Technology Parks and Technology Centres.

It is recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness as Innovative Corporate Association (AEI) which aims to recognize those clusters that fulfill certain criteria of excellence.

Operating since Jan. 2015, the cluster comprises more than 120 members, private companies and institutions representing the quadruple helix: Public Administration, SMEs and Companies, Universities and Research Centers, Professional Associations, Cities and Citizens. SCC members cooperate and work together to make regions, cities and rural areas smarter, by being efficient, sustainable and comfortable through the Direct Communication/Lobby of the cluster with city councils and public administration to incorporate and test technologies developed on the smart city sector.

The goal of the cluster is to multiply the business opportunities for its members in Andalusia by:
-Raising the capacity of Andalusia to absorb smart city projects.
-Promoting Andalusian regions, cities and rural areas as adequate environments to develop innovative projects and companies.
-Providing international visibility to projects carried out in Andalusian regions, cities and rural areas.
-Boosting R&D by generating common opportunities for companies and university research groups.
-Democratizing innovation and R&D related to Smart Cities by means of collaboration with other universities, research centers and clusters to improve regions, cities and rural areas.
-Being a place to exchange knowledge among companies, public administration and cities.

In 2019 SCC published a Technical and Market Study on Precision Agriculture and its Environmental Impact.