Uncategorized Cultivating the Future: A Journey into Precision Agriculture, Big Data and Sustainability for SMART Agriculture – 1st March

Is it possible to imagine a sustainable food supply chain in the near future? Can we continue to lose biodiversity and rely on the use of fossil fuels, herbicides and pesticides? Will we be able to maintain and improve global food security while decreasing our environmental impact?
These and other questions were asked during OrvietoScienza, a seminar that took place in the halls of the historic Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo (Orvieto, TR) on 29 February and 1-2 March.

On this occasion, thanks to the intervention of Prof. Mauro Maesano (DIBAF – TUSCIA), the technologies of agriculture 4.0 to limit the environmental, social and economic impact and improve the sustainability of agricultural systems were discussed.

In this context, the LIFE WINEGROVER project was brought as an innovative approach for a 360° monitoring of the vineyard, capable of providing detailed information on soil conditions, plants and other critical parameters, enabling farmers to optimise the use of water, fertilisers and pesticides, helping


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