Uncategorized 21st October 2021 – Field workshop “The SMART vineyard: technology and management of the vineyard”

Nowadays the climate change is of considerable concern for the global agricultural field, and in particular for the viticultural one. The proper management of the vineyard represent the first step for the mitigation of the environmental impact conditions, but how can we predict and evaluate accurately when and how much the climate will affect the vegetative and productive season?

The answer to this question can certainly be found in technologies; the creation of a “smart” vineyard, unifying traditional agricultural management and new technologies, can help to mitigate the climate change and reduce the impact of human actions. This was the main theme of the field workshop “The SMART vineyard: technology and management of the vineyard”, organized by the University of TUSCIA, which took place on October 21st 2021 at the Falesco winery. In this occasion several projects were presented, one of which was the project LIFE WINEgROVER, also thanks to the collaboration of the CREA partner.


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