Uncategorized 4th April 2022 – Graund Sensor Platform installation in the Spanish pilot

Last Monday 4th April, Bodega Conrad (Ronda) hosted a workshop of the Life+ WineGRover project in which members of the Italian University of Tuscia, the company Wellness TechGroup and the Smart City Cluster, partners of the project, installed different devices in the vineyard as a continuation of the experiences previously carried out in Italian vineyards.

The project, which started in September 2020, aims to introduce novel technologies for precision agriculture in vineyards and their validation in two pilots, one located in Italy (Familglia Cottarella) and the other in Spain (Bodega Conrad). Specifically, the project includes several phases comprising the installation of sensors that collect real-time data from the vineyards, the development of an IoT management platform that processes this data and, finally, the use of a rover that, based on the data provided by the platform, moves along the vineyards to act depending on the circumstances.

During the day, attended by the winery’s oenologist, Rodrigo Nieme Val, the representatives of the University of Tuscia installed four sets of sensors that will allow real-time data to be obtained on the state of the vines in order to monitor the main micro-climatic parameters associated with grape production.

The session continued with a discussion aimed at specifying the characteristics of the IoT management platform, designed by the Wellness Tech Group, which will process the data collected by the sensors and provide, in the next phase, the commands to be executed by the rover.


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