Uncategorized Final event of LIFE WineGrover project – 17th October 2023

On 17th October 2023, the concluding event of the LIFE WineGrover project was held at the vineyard of CREA for Viticulture and Enology in Velletri. On this occasion was possible to see and learn about the innovative tools and best vineyard management practices.
Different topic were covered:

“LIFE programme: Characteristics and objectives” by the Project Advisor CINEA, Manuel Montero Ramirez

“The LIFE WINEgROVER project” by Prof. Mauro Maesano (TUSCIA)

“Monitoring of CO2 from soil” by Dr. Pasquale Cirigliano (CREA)

“Preliminary results of LIFE WINEgROVER project” by Dr. Elena Brunori (TUSCIA)

“The rover in the vineyard context” by Eduardo De Francesco (SETEL)

“The economic impact of precision agriculture” by Dr. Brabara Borin (LUISS BUSINESS SCHOOL)

“Basalt Flour® and its applications” by Dr. Alessandro Riccini (Basalti Orvieto)

“Towards a global sustainability of Italian viticulture” by Prof. Rita Biasi (TUSCIA)


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